Hello, I’m Jon Spira

At heart, I’m a video shop guy. I grew up in video shops. From the age of 19, I worked in every type of video shop you could imagine from corporate shitholes to indie palaces. Right before the industry died, I opened my own. Two beautiful independent video shops here in Oxford, England. Videosyncratic was my dream. And, although economic reality forced them to close a couple of years ago, this video shop heart of mine beats a restless rhythm.

So, I started this blog. There are plenty of film blogs out there but I’ve yet to see one which serves the purpose that the video shop guy once served within a community. To encourage you to discover or rediscover the films that might have slipped through your net, but not just that. To contextualise. In each branch of Videosyncratic, we used to have a shelf which changed every week. Sometimes it would showcase a particular actor or director, other times it would highlight a theme or a style of filmmaking. Sometimes it was silly, other times it was analytical. Either way, it was about curating films.

I hope it’s enjoyable and informative and please use the comments section to engage in discussion about it all.

If you want to know more about Videosyncratic, here’s a short film I made about the closing of the shops…

About me:

I’m a filmmaker and professional screenwriting tutor/editor based in Oxford. I made a documentary called Anyone Can Play Guitar which you can find all about here: http://www.acpgthemovie.com

I also blog for the Huffington Post here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jon-spira/

and my personal blog Grumptimism can be found here: http://videojon.wordpress.com

You can follow me on Twitter: @videojon

Or email me through jon AT acpgthemovie DOT com


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